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Special 52+Joker convention edition.with unique dedication by Lotrek: Dondorf Hundertjahrkarte restoration set


  • $ 16000

Special Edition from the 52+Joker convention in Strongsville Ohio with a unique dedication by Lotrek.

Lotrek has faithfully and lovingly restored the Dondorf Centennial Jubilee deck "Hundertjahrkarte" from 1933.

The basic set contains one deluxe deck, gilded, metallic gold ink, tuck with the characterstic "buckle" and a gold back border. Also includes a player's deck without gilding and an orange-tone back border. This special 52+Joker convention edition has an extra gilded deck so that you can keep two decks pristine and still have a deck to play. 

The last two pictures are of an actuals set received by a customer in March.

UCdecksales DOES fulfillment for these few sets.

Standard shipping rates apply, $7 for Domestic U S Priority Mail

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review