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Liturgy "Treasure" decks

Liturgy "Treasure" decks


  • $ 9000

The deck is printed on sheets that were kept uncut for that reason from the first print run. So they have survived the nasty misalignment. They are the only existing "good" decks from that print run.

-Only 130 decks exist, 120 are available for sale here

- Gold and silver foil on the backs

-air pocket finish on the front side of the cards

-improved handling compared to ICONS as they're varnished on the back side, too.

-Gold and silver foil + debossing for the tuck case. The stock used for the tucks is a very dark, light absorbing black paper which makes incredible contrast with the foils.

-Numbered and signed on the bottom of the tuck

The decks are already printed and will ship on the 5th of January.

Includes shipping worldwide from Athens Greece.

IMPORTANT!  EVEN THOUGH IT WILL SHOW NO SHIPPING REQUIRED (because it is included), YOU *M-U-S-T* SETUP AN ADDRESS FOR DELIVERY! is only agent for this sale, all decks fulfilled by Lotrek from Greece

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