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Italian Cats bridge deck by Evelyn Nicod of Milan (1970's)

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  • $ 9999

One of the original fully customized decks designed by artist Evelyn Nicod of Milan from her extensive Gatteria ("Cat Gallery" in Italian) collection in the early-1970's. Similar to the red and blue backed Bridge decks sold here before, but one of the 100 original B&W decks designed two years before the Piatnik pair in a tin box. The ultimate rarity edition, truly one of a kind. Never offered before and never will be able to offer it again.

So rare that I cannot find a picture of it, you will have to take my word for it, and you will not be disappointed. Preview of her Piatnik decks created in 1972 (not. 1975 as before). 

This BLACK & WHITE preview deck is the absolute last one ever to be sold at retail.

The pictures ARE of the previously sold red & blue versions of her Italian Cats bridge decks.

These are the absolute last available deck of her design, originally issued only in pairs as Piatnik #2311 in an aluminum "tin" box.  I purchased her remaining inventory of decks in 2011.

These are old school European decks, printed by Piatnik in Vienna with quad indices and sealed inside the tuck (tuck box is typical of the period, loosely snapped into place and easy to inspect).

"E Nicod" signed on end of the tuck.

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