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Heretic Noctis by Lorenzo Gaggiotti ("Stockholm17") - 'night' version of the Heretic pair


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"Noctis" ('night') version of the Heretic pair from Lorenzo's - from his description:

Heretic Playing Cards is a heresy in many ways. The theme is based on alchemy and the hermetic world.

Salt (for the Jacks), Sulfur (for the Queens) and Mercury (for the Kings) are the three basic ingredients of the alchemist.

    First version designed between September 2012 and January 2013
    Redesigned in April 2014
    Funded on Kickstarter the 24th of June 2014  (1408 backers)
    Printed by EPCC (Expert Playing Card Co.)
    Heretic Noctis: custom Tuck-box with embossing, foiling
    Custom seals with number

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