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Welcome to "U C Deck Sales" ( online!   This is a new venture which is owned by Mike Ratledge (owner of and friends, and we'll be selling everything from "soup to nuts" having to do with caridstry, playing cards and magic - including our famous "Carat Card Case"™ line of single, double, triple and quad deck crystal clear acrylic storage & display cases for playing card decks - which used to be available on the "UC Offers" page on until we opened today, Sunday 6-March-2016.

Those, along with a very few unique decks are all that we have online at this point, although we are in the "preview" stage, and certainly not truly open in the true sense of the word, I wanted to "shake out" the Shopify interface and checkout routines, which include everything from Amazon Payments to PayPal Express and allow you to pay using a credit or debit card without even opening an account on PayPal - so American Express, Diners Club, Discover, EuroCard, JCB (Japan ONLY!), Maestro, MasterCard, Novus, Optima, VISA and any other method accepted by those two plus Shopify by Stripe payments as well.

Sign up today for a MailChimp-based "double opt-in" mailing list, which will send you an automated response that requires you to confirm that you want to be in the mailing list, so nobody can submit your name "for you".  You MUST create a separate account here even if you already have an account on, because there is no way to create a SSO ("Single Sign-On") based validation shared between both sites, although both and have "hot links" to warp you back and forth between them.

Pre-Opening Super Sale:

For everyone who spends $50 on this site through the month of March - or until supplies are exhausted - will receive both a truly ultra-rare deck of Eli Retschlag's "Scarlet Pearl" magic deck (1 per customer), along with one extra original (version 1) Carat single per $50 spent (again, as long as supplies last).

Soon, we will be running a Kickstarter to fund a restoration of the Dondorf #1000 "Hundertjahrkarte" (Jubilee, 100th anniversary deck) - "the deck that broke the company" printed on 310gsm ultra-high resolution super-fine German casino bond that will be available ONLY here on after the KS campaign.  There will be only 500 units of this deck ever made, so you don't want to miss it!  I have obtained permission from the director of sales for Altenburger und Stralsunder SpeilkartenFabriken GMbH (A.S.S. division of CartiMundi) with exclusive rights to reproduce this glorious deck which was printed originally with 16-color faces and 12-color backs, using 28 "plates" for the absolute highest fidelity and eye-popping color you've ever seen on a deck of cards!  These will have true metallic gold and other metallic inks which weren't available in 1933 when the original decks were produced, or even in the 1960's when Waddingtons in Britain reprinted them as "Royal Gothic" decks - with different backs.  The picture posted with this blog entry show one of the original decks, which sell for $1500+ - IF (and when) you can find them for sale.  The will never be available for retail sale elsewhere, and the only way to get them is right here, or on our Kickstarter campaign - so keep up and pay attention to the "UCdecksales" monthly newsletter, which likely will only be sent about 6 times per year on average, but might be used to announce special projects or sales here on the site.  Even better modern technology will allow us to produce a 'restoration' that actually exceeds the quality of the original deck!

Note about taxes charged: UCdecksales is physically located in South Carolina, and must charge the appropriate amount of state, county and local sales taxes for your location - if you live in the state of South Carolina, except for Carat Card Case™ sales.

Thank you, and welcome to UCdecksales!



P.S. About "ApplePay": Although we had thoroughly tested ApplePay as a checkout method, literally at the last minute (day, really) the vendor supplying that technology for Shopify was decertified by Apple, and we are unable to provide that functionality at this time.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  We have supplied you with nearly every possible payment method available worldwide, and it's hopeful that we will support ApplePay some time in the future.

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